Firefox memory leak

July 18, 2006 at 8:02 am | Posted in Fixit | Leave a comment

Amazingly, this problem is still there after at least a year I think. There have been a bunch of fixes published, but the one that worked best for me is this one:

How To Stop The Firefox Memory Leak
1. Open Firefox and go to the Address Bar. Type in about:config and then press Enter.
2. Right Click in the page and select New -> Boolean.
3. In the box that pops up enter config.trim_on_minimize. Press Enter.
4. Now select True and then press Enter.
5. Restart Firefox.

Now every time you minimize Firefox, the memory will be cleaned up. I really had to get in the habit of doing this, the app was regularly taking up all the memory on my machine.


Optical mouse jitter

January 19, 2006 at 6:10 pm | Posted in Fixit | Leave a comment

Computer are amazing — they throw you a steady barrage of random problems out of the blue as some kind of tax on productivity. My latest was that the cursor suddenly started erratically jumping up and down by a single pixel. The result was that about 50% of my clicks were interpreted as drags and so didn’t do what I expected them to.

I suspected my Logitech MX500 optical mouse was having some kind of hardware problem or was dirty, etc., but after some time wastage finally fixed it by updating the driver (“MouseWare”). For others with the same problem who might find this post, the driver is here. This worked despite the fact that the Logitech support pages said it was either a problem with the mousepad or the USB port (I was already using the PS/2 port).

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